I am a 22 year old composer, producer, and creative programmer. Since a young age, I performed extensively as a classically trained cellist up until the Covid19 Pandemic. Since then I have re-evaluated my musical output and focused on electroacoustic, electronic, and audio-visual composition. 

In July 2023 I graduated with a first in BA Music and Technology and continued to pursue a Master of Research degree of which I am in the process of completing. My research concerns the relationship between nostalgia and musical composition. This has developed into exploration of psychology, cultural studies, plunderphonics, musical borrowing, and more.  My creative output entails the contextualization of my research through audio-visual composition with surround sound elements.  

My production output can vary and I like to craft the sound in collaboration with the artist I am working with. I've optimised my workflow to ensure swift yet excellent outcomes, facilitating a smooth and efficient session flow. For those interested in collaboration, please feel free to reach out via email at alexjlowe362@outlook.com.

I have played extensively in bands as well as writing many songs. This practice has developed many musical skills that I wish to display within my current creative output.